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IGCA Congress 2017

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

September 17 - 22, 2017

Social Media Contest

Each bus has its own hashtag. At the end of each day Congress staff will tally the number of times your bus’ hashtag appears on the social media sites: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Your bus gets one point per hashtagged photo and a bonus point for a picture with another bus’ captain. The winning bus will get one overall point for the day. Four activities will take place during the week, where your bus will volunteer two people to take part in a special challenge for extra points. The winning bus challengers receive two extra points per activity won to add to their team’s final tally.

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@igcacanada2017 (instagram)


#ff to some of our

stops along the way

Bus 1: Toronto Maple Leafs #IGCC17Leafs

Captain Terry Vanderkruk and Captain Robin Godfrey     

Bus 2: Winnipeg Jets #IGCC17Jets

Captain Denis Flanagan and Captain Peggy Head        

Bus 3: Montréal Canadiens  #IGCC17Cdns

Captain Brad Rooney and Captain Anthony O’Neill        

Bus 4: Vancouver Canucks #IGCC17Canucks

Captain Warren Patterson and Captain Bill Hardy        

Bus 5: Calgary Flames #IGCC17Flames

Captain Mark Sipkens and Captain Michelle Pain